Marketing Monday: The Blog

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When I opened my Etsy shop last year, I did some research on
marketing my shop. It seemed that the thing to do was to have
a blog. I had always wondered why people read blogs ...
and now I had to start my own?

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I had all sorts of questions about blogging:
What do I write about?
How often should I post?
How should I set up my blog?
Should I have advertisements on my blog?
Should I have giveaways?
How personal does this have to get?
Who will follow my blog?

You can Google just about anything there is to do with blogging,
but I have picked a few posts that were of interest to me,
hoping that maybe they will be of interest to you, too.


Design Sponge: Biz Ladies: Using a Blog to Grow Your Business
"Social media writer, editor and blogger Rebecca Levie Osberg
offers her social media savvy and blog writing skills to her clients
on a daily basis." In this post, she explains why you need a blog,
what blogging platform to use, and answers some of my questions
above with some guidelines.

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Unamimous Craft: Write a Better Blog 101
This post links to quite a few other articles on blogging.
The first one talks about habits of effective bloggers, another
about what makes a good blog, while most discuss how to
come up with content.

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Copyblogger: Write Less
This post I liked because it tells you that you can write one post
a week. It just has to be a 'good' post. As we all know, things
get better with practice - ah, the conundrum!

I am not an expert in blogging, and I do not blog every day.
I do like it, though.
And I have found a blogoshpere full of
obsessed people just like me.
So sometimes I blog about that.

What do you blog about?


remaker said...

Wow Alex!
What a great post!

Mei-Ling said...

This is just what I was looking for to help start my blog! Thanks!

annabelneilson said...

very helpful, I'm not a blogger, and didnt really know what it was all about, but am now thinking I will start one, thanks for the links.

Anyone's Guess said...

Thanks, Alex. This was really helpful, and the links were great, too.

Ginny the Sock Monkey said...

Great advice from all, I know it can be daunting to start a blog but even for someone who has one, I think this will all be good information to make mine better :).

Alice Media // Alice Magazine said...

Thanks for the great information in your posts - you are Blog Of The Day at Alice Magazine x