Marketing Monday: A Postcard - The New Business Card

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I have posted about business cards before
here MOO and Super Friendly Paper ,
here Business Cards and Getting Them Printed , and
here DIY and Recycled Business Cards.

Heart Shaped Embellishments made from Reclaimed Gift Cards  (qty.12)

But what about a postcard? Last week Eco Etsy posted
Business Tips: Creative Marketing & Promotion.

Price Tags - Upcycled Vintage Postcards

One of the tips was to:
"Create a Killer Ad & print it on small recycled postcards."
It was suggested to mail postcards to a target market and to ask
business establishments if you can leave them on their counters.

MOO suggests using postcards as a business flyer or even a
gift certificate. Many artists seem to have a postcard
with a bio on the back to present to the public at fairs & shows.

Why not use a postcard as a business card?
You could print the same information as you do on your
business cards and use the postcards for everything:
thank you cards, flyers, coupons, gift certificates.

How do you use postcards?


Tubby Tabby's SquawkBox said...

Hi, Trashion Team member Tubby Tabby here. Recycled postcards are a great idea. I also sell something similar in my design shop, it is not recycled but is printed with soy inks and a wonderful similar marketing tool. Here is the link if anyone is interested in checking them out.

alexkeller said...

Thanks for the link, Tubby Tabby! I think we all like to support team members :) so i'm going to check them out >>>>

Hearthandmade said...

I wud use them to write a lilthank you note on i guess if someone had bought something! just saying hi from the Inspired Pretty class :)

Giovanna ♥ said...

Everything is lovely!
Boho Market Blog

Teenage Bride said...

What an awesome idea. It is different so it is certain to grab attention!

Lauren said...

If anyone's interested in trying out customized postcards for marketing (thank you notes, promotions, ect), I've got a giveaway on my blog:

You could win 100 free custom printed cards.

transparent business cards said...

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Mahmood said...

Marketing Monday: A Postcard - The New Business Card is looking great. because These cards will elevate your company’s image to a higher level and are easy to distribute.Business Card

Haseeb said...

A business card is a way of connecting or guiding so if there is map or picture of the center include the address that would be best.

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