MOO and super eco friendly paper

If you are not inclined to DIY your business cards, what about MOO?
Moo announced yesterday, " on the 22nd March we will be replacing
our current green stock with our new ’super eco friendly paper’."

"Made from 100% Post Consumer Waste and FSC certified, the eco credentials for this are even more amazing than our previous paper. It’s made with electricity generated by renewable, non polluting wind power from Green-e. (Green-e is the nation’s leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy products, they ensure strict environmental and consumer protection standards.) Process chlorine and acid free, the paper has been manufactured in compliance with the standards set for alkaline papers by the American National Standards Institute."

Only thing is, they're kind of expensive
50 cards – £14.99/$24.99/€17.99
200 cards – £47.99/$79.99/€57.49

What are some more green business card options?
I found this post The 2 Best Green Business Card Options
Where do you get your green business cards?

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fisheye said...

A nice idea, but I don't think most people can afford .50 or even .40 per card. Maybe the price will go down eventually.