Trashion in Wonderland!

If you're anything like me you cannot wait to see
Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland!
So, take a quick trip down the rabbit hole
to see what trashion fantastic Alice items
you can find in our Etsy Shops!
Don't be late, don't hessitate, or you may miss the
chance to capture these earrings for your very own!
See everything more clearly
through this wonderful vintage looking glass...

Vintage Looking Glass Pendant by remaker

Be the White Queen for a day...

or, be wonderfully wicked as a Queen of Hearts!
Vinyl heart Pendant by Miss Courageous

Images © Trashion Team Artisans


BlackStar said...

I can NOT wait to see the movie. I've been staring at the photos online in and it all looks so cool!
Thanks for posting my earrings. :)

fisheye said...

What a great theme! Everybody loves Alice!

slyraccoon said...

Great collection! I love it, and I also am very excited to see the movie!

alexkeller said...

thanks so much for putting together these great Alice items!!! the earrings are so cute, i need that looking glass pendant & Miss Courageous always delivers :) thanks so much for including the chandelier crystal bracelets, too :)

re-maker said...

Every time I see the White Queen I think of AlexKeller Jewelry!

RainyPenguinVintage said...

I love those first bunny earrings. They look like candy (maybe I'm just hungry, though)!