Feature Me Friday: Metamorphosi

This shop supports completely the Organization Progetto
Metamorphosi which promotes the use of recycled material
to create art and design and opportunities of work.

"Beside our studio in Calcata, we started in 1997 an organization
to promote the work of artist and artisans using recycled material."

Meditation Eco friendly Windchimes Sea water eco friendly necklace Like a Sea Goddess, eco friendly necklace Recycled glass necklace/Collana in vetro riciclato

Run by Ilaria Sadun, Metamorphosi sells unique creations made
with recycled material.

Fireworks and summer nights Eco friendly windchimes Little Azzurra necklace Stunning unique installation Glass Waterfall Recycled glass Crystal Green necklace

"We do projects with schools and events with public or private
organization. We have an ongoing project in Valença, Bahia, Brazil,
to support a group of talented women who are otherwise unemployed.
We initiated it in the year 2007 with the ONG Banca Comunitaria
Mais Vida, a project for street kids and poor family kids. 70% of
the sales of their creations go back to them."

Recycled textiles beanbag Recycled textiles beanbag Pink Lady

Recycled textiles beanbag


Ilaria said...

THANK YOU!!I am very happy to be part of such a creative team.

remaker said...

I have a beautiful Olive Green Necklace from Metamorphosi and receive many compliments every time I wear it!

Tubby Tabby's Squawkbox said...

Really wonderful creativity! You are my idol!

kimmy said...

wonderful workmanship! i love that you are working with others to help improve lives!!

alexkeller said...

i was eyeing a necklace for some time and put it in a treasury - silly me - it sold!

Ginny the Sock Monkey said...

Fantastic work and well deserved compliments! Good luck with your shop!