ad·ver·tis·ing: the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements

If you are on the Etsy Trashion Team, you know the rikrak studio and Kristal.
I placed my first ad on her blog. (she even designed it for me!)

Advertising is necessary for promoting your product.

The how and where are important to determine to get the most out of your ad.

Advertising should make you want to look, shop and buy!

How you determine where to advertise should be based on
your product, your message, your customer, and your budget.

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Where do you advertise?


rikrak said...

oh this is a great idea, alex! and thanks so much for including the helpful tips and my little blog, too! :) you're great! it's a PLEASURE to have you!

Blue Kraken said...

these are some great tips in advertising. often advertising is complex. we don't often know what is a good or bad ad.
Ads have to grab your attention. And text is THE most important part people seem to forget. it must be legible within 30 seconds or less. It must be clear and trouble free to read
(sorry if i step on any toes)
The dammnation add is probably the best example of poor text. It's hard to read the dull green text and quickly see the letterforms on the dull grey background. fancy fonts are sometimes hard for the average person to read as well. it may look pretty and nifty. You may love how it looks. You may even be able to read it but someone else might not.
Jupita's add is great, lots of pop and color. The words are clear legible and no confusion.
AlexKeller, garbonigist wife and lilipops are great adds as well. nice crisp clean pictures and easily legible text
(sorry if this is too much input, i'm a former graphics and advertising student)

alexkeller said...

Kraken - Thanks for all of your comments! I started doing these posts so that we could all help each other out a bit. We all have something to offer!
rikrak - thanks lovely lady!

lilgreenshop said...

Good tips! Kinda of fits in with branding - which I have been slow to get to grips with but am starting to think about.