TRASHY KIDS~Trashion Fairies

This week's segment of Trashy Kids is a submission from one of our newest members, Sarah Stocking! Here is what she has to say about a child hood memory that can be relived through our kids!

"When I was maybe 13 or 14, my Grandma got all her grand girls together and had a fairy catching party. We caught them with nets, put a spell on them so they would become frozen in time, then displayed them in glass domes. I still have mine."

"This was an amazing experience that I will never forget. My amazing grandmother got together all of her crafting stuff that she had collected over the years, bought the domes and the porcelain figures, and sent us all packin' to the backyard. We had to do some "gardening" and "cleaning up", picking up sticks and rocks. When we got back into the house, miracles began to happen. This is the finished product."

What You'll Need: *Adult help and Supervision REQUIRED

A Glass dome with a matching wood base
Porcelain doll with plain body to attach silk petals for clothes
Some Faux Hair
Green Foam Base

Silk Flowers, Leaves, Ferns

Cloth, ribbon, feathers

Found Trinkets (jewelry, figurines, beads, marbles, etc.)
Sturdy Metal or wood stick (to attach to Fairy to keep her/him upright on foam bade)

Glitter Fabric Glue or plain old Glitter

Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Elmer's Glue
Spray Adhesive

Take the green foam, used for creating faux floral arrangements, and hot glue it to the wood base.

Cover the foam with a TON of Elmer's glue and stick on the Moss
Let Dry
Dress your Fairy using silk flower petal, cloth, beads, ribbon, feathers, etc.

Glue hair on with hot glue gun
Add flowers, leaves, ferns, and twigs to the moss bed when dry, just stick them right into the foam
Spray with a spray adhesive and add some glitter!
Put the finishing touches on fairy, give her some bling and add some glitter, then attach the metal or wooden rod to the back of her using the hot glue gun. If the figurine has a fabric and stuffing torso, wedge the rod into it then glue for extra hold.
Place your fairy in the center
Add rocks and other small found items
Make Dew Drops by using dollops of glitter fabric glue or plain old glitter glue
Let it all dry and then place dome over your fairy. Do not store close to a window, as the silk petals may become sun bleached

Thank you, Sarah for submitting this wonderful memory and fun activity! Please check out Sarah on etsy atThe Thrifty Sparrow!

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