Thanks for Using the Trashion Team Tag! part 2

I love making posts featuring the incredible work of Trashion Team members. And I hope you all enjoy seeing these posts.
Do you ever feel like often the same members are featured? Well, here's why - they are faithful taggers with the Trashion Team tag, thus they are findable in a search.

How do I choose items to use on the blog? I do a search - I go to All Items (just to make sure I find vintage and supplies seller members) then I type our tag "trashion team." I can then easily scan the list to find items that fit my theme. What do I notice? The same members' items come up every time. These are sellers who use the team tag and list items regularly.

If you are not using the tag, you will never be featured :(
I hope everyone will add the team tag to items that fit the trashion description in your shop.
For this post I sought out members who have not been featured in the recent past.

If you are adding the tag to your items, leave me a comment here and I'll look for you for the next post!

Thanks, team!


alexkeller said...

oops! I think I've used just "trashion" instead of "trashion team." Time to go edit......

zJayne said...

Great finds and I do searches for Trashion Team items as well.

Also, may I suggest adding something like this in your Profile area or Appearance:

Proud member of the following:
Trashion Street Team
(search- Trashion Team)

We have to post how to find great items to help buyers when we can.