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Introducing a new series- Trashion at Home. We will focus on team members who have used trashion ideas in their home decor and functionality.
The first entry comes from Rhonda from oddartist.

Well, I have been remodeling my kitchen in spurts over the past year. I initially just painted my fugly cabinets white and made drawer pulls and cabinet handles from teaspoons. Then I ran across a box of tiles I had purchased at a yard sale and dragged through 4 moves and tiled the countertop. I then added an 'island' I found on Craigslist.

Now I have more fugly cabinets my neighbors ripped out when they remodeled (and spent $1500 on Ikea cabinets) that I will soon be painting white to match mine (they must have been made by the same cheepo-person who used the same plans and plywood for both homes), and more teaspoons to add as hardware.

The best part is yet to come! Once I have the 'new' fugly cabinets in and move the stove out of the corner, I will be using old wood flooring glued together and sanded for butcherblock countertops, and will be upcycling all the CDs I can get my hands on as a 'Melted Media' (see examples in my shop) mosaic backsplash.

Here are current before-and-after pics. I will send photos of updates as they are completed. And I'm accepting donations of used CDs too - I'll send a pair of Melted Media earrings for each lot of 100 donated CDs - I'm especially interested in home-recorded CDs that are either colored (blue, green, red, yellow, etc.) or the nice greenish tint - not silver. Memorex discs are usually that pale greenish color. Convo me at oddartist if you want to contribute CDs.
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Anonymous said...

It's looking great! You remind me that I to have a box of tiles (cobalt and orange) from a neighbor who didn't like the look in her kitchen and stripped them out. I am not a big fan of my cheapo kitchen and have been considering painting the cabinets and redoing the floor to cheer it up a bit. But now I'm pondering uses for those tiles I'd forgotten about....

Erin said...

those spoon handles are one of the best and coolest things I've seen . . . I just want to run to the Goodwill buy a heap spoons and start bendin' . . . great great idea.

Erika said...

Spoons...terrific idea. I have some random silver spoons I've collected from thrift stores and have been wondering what to do with them.

I love making my home a personal space by adding details like these. Thanks for this creative blog!