Marketing Monday: Branding

I've been thinking about branding and cohesiveness again lately.
Sellers Assisting Sellers had a post this weekend:
How To Tell If Your Business Is Branded.
I'm not sure about the 'tell a story through your descriptions.'
I prefer a clear and concise description, both as a buyer and a seller.

One of Hearts (Screwed)

Catherine of Olivebites, Home of Uncorked and Polarity
has been writing a marketing series on her blog. From
Marketing This Thing Part IV: Strategy Is Not Just For Generals,
I really enjoyed this advice,

Now, we want to be creating our own brand and not
copying anyone else's, but seeing someone else doing
something really, really well can get us thinking of new
ways of looking and thinking about our own work.

Fortune Pendant - A pleasant surprise

So what do you prefer? A story? A concise description?
Have you found your brand?


re-maker said...

Thanks for the great links!
I learned a lot today.

alexkeller said...

thanks - i have some many things spinning around in my head - i think a plan is in order! maybe that's for the next marketing post :)

Anyone's Guess said...

Thanks for the post, Alex. I like creative product descriptions and yes, 'stories' if they are concise and seem to fit. I recently read something on branding and I'm still trying to figure mine out.

Scrollwork said...

A story doesn't have to be a bodice-ripper or farfetched fiction. I like to read what sparked the creation of the item, or what tricky technique or material went into it.

My brand's story is my reinvention from a weary corporate writer to an indie clothing designer (who is afraid of her sewing machine but determined not to let that stop me). I sew for cubicle parolees.