Feature me Friday: JohnnyNoThumbzzz

This week we feature JohnnyNoThumbzzz
One of a kind creations from a man that's one of a kind.
Who is JohnnyNoThumbzzz?
Johnny No Thumbzzz came from an old episode of Golden Girls in which Sophia had to talk to Mr. Thumbs about the old days and who he was connected to. An old girlfriend started calling me that and it went from there.
What’s the first thing you remember making?
The very first thing I remember making is a Christmas ornament in kindergarten. It was a cut and curled construction paper monstrosity.
Why work with recycled materials?
I started working with recycled materials because I couldn't afford "real art supplies". I had majored in ceramics in college and after graduation found that it was hard to continue working with those materials. So I started making things with whatever I could find.
Where do you work?
I work mostly in the basement of my house, but sometimes in
the garage or outside on the patio. Here's a photo of my severely cluttered work bench...
Who inspires you?
Inspiration: Andy Warhol, Jean Tinguely, Rauschenberg,
Jim Dine, Arman, Antoni Tapies, Yves Klein...
What are the best thing you’ve purchased on etsy and where did you find it?
Best thing I purchased on Etsy was a porcelain skull ring by Mishko. I was just doing random searches on etsy and found it.
What do you do for fun?
For fun I ride my 1999 Yahama V-star Motorcycle or garden.
I have a great perennial garden. I also have 4 cats that keep me entertained.
Read any good books lately?
Just finished reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Currently reading
Just Kids by Patty Smith.
Been to any great exhibits?
Haven't been to any good exhitions lately, but I am really liking the images posted at the Dudecraft Blog.
How do you get from A to Z?
A-Z transport is Big Blue Skulltruck, my everchanging art truck.
Currently Blue has been updated with a lifesize plastic skull hood ornament with red led's for eyes. There are two smaller skulls on the left and right sides that are also wired with red led's and are wired into the turn signals. Blue was featured on the Skull-a-Day Blog.
What are your favorite tools?
Favorite tool has to be a Craftsmen rotary tool.
What music do you listen to while you’re working?
I don't really listen to music when working. I just let the voices in my head jabber away. (just kidding). I'm on a sound of silence kick these days.
Besides Etsy, where can we find you work?
Besides Etsy my work can be found at Collector's Corner at the Toledo Museum of Art and The Hive Creations, Anna Maria Island, Florida.
How do you promote your work?
Still trying to find a good way to promote my work. Have tried Google Adwords, and I'm currently considering other options
like Art Fairs. I'm on Facebook too.
Have any words of wisdom?
Words of wisdom: ? Live Long and Prosper!
What’s in your future?
I intend to keep pushing forward with my artwork and intend
to make it my day job. I want to be able to support my wife and myself in a manner in which we'd like to be accustomed.
Images & Text © JohnnyNoThumbzzz


annabelneilson said...

I like ya work bench! and ya skull truck!

Marie said...

Creativity breeds in chaos. My desk looks alot like yours! :)
Your work is beautiful!

kimmy said...

great art!

alexkeller said...

i love that Jim Dine inspires you. heard his name a lot from a modern art teacher at the university of cincinnati. i love the 'one of hearts screwed' - fantastic!
and let me know how you like Just Kids - it's on my reading list!

re-maker said...

Terrific interview!

Alex, I really enjoyed Just Kids. It's a wonderfully honest and intimate story.