Trashion Team Spotlight- Interview with Jamie from TwistedWear!

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Trashion materials:
I love plastics of any kind! I collect anything that seems to gather
itself in bulk in my garage, including clothing that the kids have outgrown and choice items from the overflowing recycling bins. Really, anything is game--the stranger, the better! I'm still trying to find a use for those plastic shotgun shells...

What do you transform them into?
I really enjoy making jewelry out of plastic beverage bottles, but right
now I'm in a handbag groove (which I swore I would never get into!)
which requires lots of empty plastic petfood bags. I actually don't have
any pets at home right now, so I could use any bags that you lovely
readers would be able to send my way!

How do you do it?
I got started with the “plastic grocery bag fusing” craze and sort of evolved the process from there. Plastics are a fun challenge because
they are all different and sometimes react to heat in strange ways. I use fun coordinating fabric remnants to line the handbags, and have been trying various plastic embellishments.

Do you remember the first thing you made using the trashion concept?
If so, what was it?
My mother got me started when I was very young...we used to make table
place-mats out of stuff we found and then laminate it! In high school I
would express my “rebellion” by using a plastic sidewalk-chalk bucket as
a purse, or by wearing home-made shoes. That really gave the popular
kids something to talk about, eh?

What are your current projects and what is on the horizon?
The purses, of course...but soon I've GOT to finish that dress that I'm
making out of milkweed seeds quilted into plastic. I'd also love to
continue making “quilted paintings” but haven't been finding enough time
to sew. Perhaps I should just make them smaller so they don't take as
long! :D

I'm also trying to juggle my other business (painted murals and
faux-finishes) and will be designing and manufacturing stencil designs
for painting. Not as glamorous, but it still exercises my artistic talents.

Why should people buy handmade and from trashion?
Every day I become more insistent on using homemade and handmade items, including the food I eat! Our lives are so consumer centered. All the excess packaging out there, and all the wasted resources, the entire Earth becoming choked by our waste.
If I could be rid of my car, I would (Maybe one day!)---if we all just take one small step each day toward better habits, there will be progress. And the trashion concept is a great place to start!

Okay, I'll step down from my soap-box now...

Anything else you'd like to add?
I really think Handmade/Trashion will be more than just a trend or a
passing “fad”!! I'm glad that it has caught on so quickly, and I know
that it will continue to gain momentum!

Amazing work Jamie! Thank you for sharing with us!


Jamie said...

Looks wonderful! Yay, thanks so much!

fisheye said...

Yay, this is very creative upcycling! jamie, give me your address-I have something for you!

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