MissCourageous Does Vinyl with Pop Style

Etsy Trashion Materials Focus: Vinyl
Trashion team member Millie Hilgert of Miss Courageous reuses Vinyl with delightful pop flare! We asked her a few questions about upcycling vinyl and here is what she had to say:

What do you make from vinyl?

I use recycled record vinyl, and I make pendants, earrings and belt buckles out of it.

What do you love about vinyl?

The fun colors it comes in, the way the grooves look on the finished product, and the surprise on people's faces when you tell them: "that was a record"

What’s the largest challenge in reutalizing vinyl?

Cutting it, I hand cut all my pieces, record vinyl can be finicky, different colors behave differently and even the black records come in different thicknesses, and I've gotten several cuts & burns!

How long have you been working in this medium?

About 3 years.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere! nature, architecture, street fashion...

Millie is also a team leader for the Idaho Indie Works Street Team! She says "Whether raising children, pursuing a career, or overcoming obstacles that life can throw you, there's a little "Miss Courageous" in each of us!"
Thank you for nurturing our heroic sides, while sharing just how creative one can be with vinyl!

Interested in discovering more about Millie Hilgert and her work? Check out her blog, and website. Want to have some of her Pop accessories for your very own? Go to her Etsy shop!