Let's Hunt Green with EcoEtsy!


This St. Patrick's Day, join in the fun with the EcoEtsy Street Team by going on a

GREEN treasure hunt for GREEN prizes!

On Sunday, March 16 th the hunt begins at 12:00pm EST and ends at 12:00am EST (or earlier if all the prizes have been found). If the prizes are all found before 12:00am, it will be posted on this thread that the hunt is over.


    v At the bottom of this announcement there will be a list of the participating EcoEtsy Team shops. Each has chosen an item in their shop to be the "green treasure" and that item will have the EcoEtsy logo posted as the last image. This is also the listing that is up for grabs if you win! So pay close attention to what you are clicking on and make a note if you like what you see when you request your prize.

    v Visit as many shops as you would like until you find 10 "green treasures". When you find a treasure, write down the name of the shop in which you found it, and also the name of the item.

    v Once you have your list of requested details (shop names and the item names) immediately send in it a convo to limabeanhome. Also include which one of these 10 prizes (or items listed) you would like to win. Please include a first and second choice in case your first choice is already take.

    v If you have all 10 items correct and you are the first one to request that prize, you are a winner! You will receive a convo from limabeanhome with your winning number. This may take awhile, as limabeanhome cannot sit at her computer for 12 hours strait. Once you receive a convo back from limabeanhome, go to the shop of the item you won and act as though you are buying the item, but don't actually pay for it. In the notes to seller section at the purchasing screen, enter your winning number. The seller will verify the number and send you your chosen prize!

    v If someone else has already won the prize you want, limabeanhome will notify you of this, and you may resubmit your answers to try to win another prize.

Rules and conditions:

You must be a member of Etsy to participate in the treasure hunt. Buyers and sellers are welcome; most of us are both right? EcoEtsy members are NOT allowed to participate. Each person can only win one prize. The number of prizes available depends on the number of shops listed.

Extra Bonus Prize

Just when you thought that wasn't enough. Their will also be one BONUS PRIZE in the treasure hunt. This prize will have the EcoEtsy logo AND a clover posted in the images. The first person to find this listing will get to choose two prizes! One prize will be of your choosing and the bonus prize will be the listing where the clover is hidden.

We hope you'll come and join in the Eco-savvy fun! If you have any questions or concerns about the hunt, please contact limabeanhome or projectfelt.

To learn more about the EcoEtsy team visit their blog:

Below is the list of shops that need hunting to find the prize

Happy Hunting!

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Erin said...

Thanks for helping promote the EcoEtsy contest!