This Week's Trashion Outfitter!!

We have a new outfit this week, put together by Stars Dreams and Jewels! It is called "Summer is not over yet - I'm going to the Farmer's Market!" Take a look:

The first thing will need is to make up early and make a list....used this earth friendly Notebook by NatureMadeScents to write down all of the things you'll need---

How about a nice hot cup a coffee to eat you started before you are on you way, cuddle your coffee with recycled reusable Coffee Sleeve by dismantled:

Make sure you have your Ecofriendly Shopping Bag by HelloKnitty to put all your farm-fresh goodies into!

Now slip into lorimarsha's beautiful Polka Dot Happiness dress...that screams summer....yeah that is because it is not over yet!!!

Time to pull back your lovely locks with this beautiful Denim Flower Barrette by dismantled--

Now lets accessory your beautiful eco-chic dress with these fantastic finds:

For the ears: Pumpkin Souffle Earrings by ellerue!

For the neck: slip sojourncuriosities' Harbor Pendant onto your favorite ribbon and you are good to go!!!

For the wrist: A Vermillion Orange Roman Record Cuff by EyePopArt!

For the finger: a Ring of Gemstones, Silver and Vintage Button by tomatedepingles!

And finally don't forget to carry your business cards with you so you can pass them out to all the people admiring your lovely outfit. What a better way to to house your business cards than with these Envelopes by SweetyPrize??

You are ready to go to the market and bring home all sorts of yummy home-grown goodness to make a feast for you and/or your family. Nothing says loving like a home cooked meal!!! Finally for all those messy eaters (in my case, my husband), why not get a Vintage Quilt Bib by rikrak to preserve clothing and make clean-up easier!!

What a great outfit!! I don't know about everyone else, but it still feels like summer in Memphis - and the Farmer's Markets are going strong so it's not too late!!!

Thanks Stars Dreams and Jewels for a great Trashion outfit!!


JJ Jewels said...

This was awesome fun to create!!! I am ready to make another!!!

sandstedt said...

This is great! What a fun concept and wonderful follow-through. Thanks for including my polka dot dress...and you're right- let's not give up on summer yet! ;-) said...

I dig it!

Peggradyart said...

Great outfit...I'm in love with the polka dot dress. It's still feels like summer here on the Central Coast of California...sunny blue skies, warm breezes...ahhhh.