Marketing Monday: Promo Swaps!

Fab Trashion Team Swag

Promo Swaps are a great way for teams to help promote each others work.

Kimmy of Bella Violetta organizes a promo swap for our team twice a year.
It's a daunting prospect, trying to corral a bunch of artists,
but she's up to the task!

Everyone that participates sends Kimmy swag and in return receives a box of goodies. It's always exciting to open the box to see what's inside.
The promos get better every time we swap.
It's really quite impressive!

When we send out an order it includes a promo from a fellow member.
Who doesn't love to get swag??

The Trashion Team creates art, jewelry, fashion and objects from materials that are recycled, leftover, thrifted, or found.
We promote environmental awareness & look good doing it!
But it doesn't stop there! Man do we know how to brand our businesses!
Check out the amazing promos from this year's swap!

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kimmy said...

This SWAP was a huge success!! thanks to all of my wonderful team mates!

the samples were all outstanding!!

thanks Pam for writing such interesting articles.


Tubby Tabby's Jewelbox said...

Love everything, can't wait to get some sales, to give some of this awesomeness away!

re-maker said...

Tubby Tabby, I just sent one of your mini notepads out with an order today! said...

LOVE the box of goodies! I can't wait to send out the promo items. People will love the goodies too!