Marketing Monday: How to Screw Up Your Art Show

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If you're like me, you're busy enjoying summer!
For some of you, that might mean a craft fair.
I had to share this post I found, because so much of it just made sense.

How To Screw Up Your Art Show

I can say I'm guilty of a couple of things the author says not to do,
but I think my favorite part was,
"Hang a showstopper on the rear wall. You MUST stop the hoards
of people rushing by like the Children of the Corn."
And "We saw a tent sign, 'No one enter without permission.' "
I was once at a tent with a sign that read "please do not touch"
and the artist was selling textiles. "Need I say more?"

So find that showstopper, don't hang silly signs, and
have yourself a great summer and some great shows!!!

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