Trash Talk Thursday: Let's Refashion... Go!

Let’s Refashion…Go!

Let’s assume you have found your “raw” materials and have washed, unstitched and cut into usable pieces. How long did that take? Yeah, I know.

This is my process for making the above bonnet. Let’s start. First I drape pieces of strategically cut tee shirts, pinning as I go and stretching to shape. Once satisfied with placement of both seams and text (and lots of pinning) I head over to the machine to piece together. I am using a zigzag stitch here and leaving the edges raw. It’s a design decisionPress and trim.

While still on the form I cut the rough outline of the desired shape-inthis case a Neo Victorian Bonnet. Stay stitch around edges to stabilizethe stretchy fabric. It is starting to look like something.

Trim and repeat for lining. I often use solid color tee shirts for this because the hat is now reversible. I made a self casing and threaded a cord, also made from the recycled shirts, to tie under the chin.

A little decorative trim (also tee shirt fabric) hand stitched on to the back seam and there you have it!

Images & Text © Delight Worthyn


Rachael Brooke Winkley said...

Thanks for sharing your process with us! Not only does it take A LOT of work to turn trash into trashion, it also takes A LOT of talent for design and mastery of one's craft to do it well. Thanks for shedding some light on this :)

Anyone's Guess said...

What a wonderful hat! You make it sound easy, but it looks very labor intensive. I agree that upcycling something into wearable art not only takes a lot of time, but also a lot of creative effort. The end result is worth it, though!