What's Up Wednesday: iSwipe

iSwipe for your iPhone...
Allows you to accept credit cards when you're on the road,
at the trade show, or selling at the market.
It's the easiest and most affordable way to jump start your business and increase sales.
Best-of-class security: full SSL encryption and keychain password protection
Safe: credit cards are verified as entered.
Quick: single-screen entry makes processing credit cards a snap. Just type and go!
Full Address Verification: (AVS) support with ZIP, street, and CVV fraud detection
Signature capture: with electronic display online
Supports all major credit cards including Switch and Solo
Support for the following gateways:
Authorize.Net Gateway
Authorize.Net Card Present Gateway
PayPal Website Payments Pro
PayPal PayFlow Gateway
CyberSource Gateway
TransAction Central
Merchant Anywhere Gateway
PayTrace Gateway
NMI Gateway
Quantum Gateway
MerchantWARE Gateway
Navigate Gateway
BluePay Gateway
FastCharge Gateway
Elavon InternetSecure Gateway
SecurePay Gateway
Braintree Gateway
USAePay Gateway
MyVirtualMerchant Gateway
Expitans Gateway
PlanetAuthorize Gateway
GoToBilling Gateway
CyberAuthorize Gateway
eProcessingNetwork Gateway
Pivotal Gateway
Merchant's First Choice Gateway
uCharge: Authorize.Net Gateway
Go to the App Store today.
It's the best .99¢ you'll ever spend.


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alexkeller said...

wow! i've only ever done a show where there is a centralized cashier. but this would be awesome if i ever need to take credit!!! thanks for the tip :)

Rachael Brooke Winkley said...

Apps like this are why I'd consider getting an iPhone or Iphone - whatever it is, what a much more secure way to take cards on the road! Thanks for the post!