Marketing Monday: Etsy on Sale

Etsy On SaleEtsy On SaleEtsy On SaleEtsy On Sale

Have you ever wanted to run a sale in your Etsy shop?
The only way to do it is to mark and edit each item,
send the buyer a new invoice, or
give each customer a refund of the discount.
Not any more!
This week Etsy on Sale had my Twitter a buzz.
The site does all the work for running a sale in your Etsy shop.

Etsy On Sale is a collaborative effort between three friends who love Etsy and are big fans of those who buy and sell handmade items. Etsy On Sale is their effort to help the
handmade movement continue its exponential growth. Etsy On Sale is a service for both shop owners and customers. Artists now have a simple way to manage and promote discounts and sales events for their Etsy shops. Shoppers now have a site where they can easily connect with Etsy sellers who are offering promotions.

The site has a great forum set up for communication, too.
Since it is brand new, Etsy on Sale is working on getting timing
and kinks worked out, and has asked for your patience.
I think it just might be worth it!

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Storyland Vintage said...

This of course had to launce after I spent hours updating many of my items to sale prices..