Marketing Monday: Ask Buyers How They Found You

Advertising and marketing are not an exact science.
A marketing executive might try to argue,
but in reality, no one can say
why people buy what they do, when they do.

Buttons Badges from Upcycled Aluminum

Think Again Notebook- Pepsi times Two

A recent post on Etsy Business Tips can help sellers
determine where they buyer may have come from:

How does this help you?
If you can determine where your buyers are from,
you can more appropriately budget your advertising dollars.
Perhaps your buyer is responding to an ad.
Which ad? You can determine what ads work.
Perhaps your buyer is a referral from another customer?
If you have many of these, perhaps you could offer
a referral discount code for that original customer.

Knowing where your buyers are coming from
could be the key to more sales for your shop!

secret is safe - a necklace of vintage and recycled jewelry

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Wearwolfs said...

Thank you Alex... I am trying this right away!