How2 Tuesday: Paypal Shipping

If you use USPS to ship your packages and haven't met Paypal Shipping... please let me introduce you to...
Lower Shipping Fees & No More Waiting in Lines*!
Paypal Shipping allows you to generate a USPS shipping label
for most services offered by the post office from the convenience of your very own Paypal account. Once a transaction is complete
you have the option of Creating a Shipping Label.
Try it!
First Class Domestic
Parcel Post
Media Mail
Priority Mail
By clicking Print a Shipping Label you open a new page with
all of the To/From shipping info info Paypal has for you and your buyer. Simply check shipping info against your invoice to see that it's a match. Choose your shipping method from a drop down box, and add the weight of the package. Delivery Confirmation is
Free for Priority packages and only 19¢ for first class.
Additional services are available for a fee.
Click to the next page where you're able to confirm the info
and shipping charges. If everything looks good, just confirm,
and print your prepaid shipping label.
No special equipment is necessary!
The actual cost for shipping your package is automatically deducted from your Paypal account with no additional processing fees. Paypal will even send a message to your customer to let them know their package is ready to ship!
You can track packages from Paypal too!
Paypal will also generate Customs Forms for International orders shipping via Prority Mail or Express.
Small Flat Fate Box w/Delivery Confirmation at the Post Office = $5.65 (plus time getting to and waiting in line)
Paypal Shipping= $4.85
If your daily mail provides pick-up you can send smaller packages directly from home. All prepaid packages can be dropped off
in a USPS mail box if it fits, or dropped off at your local post without waiting in lines.
For more information log into your Paypal account, click on Merchant Service and then Shipping Center.

If you ship using Priority Mail, USPS will send packing materials to your door for free! Find everything you need here.
*Paypal Shipping does not have an option for First Class International. So for now, you'll have to treck to the Post Office.
If you find youself shipping larger, heavier packages Etsy has a Seller Deal with Fedex. Setting up an account is free with no minimun shipping requirement. Create a shipping label online, slap it on your package and then find a local drop off location. They'll bill you just for packages shipped. No hidden fees.
Happy Shipping!
Images © anyonesguess & USPS


vicki said...

Great job! Paypal makes my life so much easier!

Tubby Tabby's SquawkBox said...

Great shipping info and ideas. Love the decorated twist tie, too cute!

stefan said...

great job! nice information.