Trash-Deactivation Contest

This contest info was sent to the Etsy Trashion Team on Etsy.
It was posted on our forum, but I thought I'd post it here, too,
for anyone else to enter if they'd like!

The Contest, "Trash-Deactivation” is directed to all people, who are actively interested in trashion and can do magic from redundant things and items. Show us what you can do, surprise us with your resourcefulness and share your ideas for clothes or accessories for clothes manufactured from ... well, let's not be afraid to say it out loud, trash!

Participants in this Contest can include bloggers, fashion designers, and professionals - everyone who likes, enjoys and practices trashion.

All the projects, which will be accepted to the semi-finals, will find a way to post-contest online publication entitled "Trashbook", which will comprise not only documentation of the whole trash related event, but also a source for inspiration relative to fashion, style, and trashion style gadgets. "Trashbook" is the first publication of this type, which was created thinking about all the people, who are interested in creative recycling. Make sure that you do not miss your chance to be there!

All the best projects will receive recycling-ecological prizes, which will enrich your wardrobe.

Start Date: December 11, 2009
End Date: February 1, 2010

The first stage:
Preparation and submission of ideas: 11 December 2009 -1 February 2010

Create a new cloth, accessory or jewellery, which can be manufactured from items, things, materials which are not needed any more, redundant or broken and should be thrown away as thrash. Please, try not to buy new things - try to use only what you have available at hand. Strive to maintain simplicity in your project, but do not forget about the resourcefulness, comfort and materials which are available for your use.

Take sharp photographs of products, elements which you will use to manufacture of the given thing; the photograph also individual stages of manufacturing of your project and the final project product. The photo of the final project product can show you and the project or only the project itself - it is up to you.

Fill in the Contest submission form, in which, among the others, you will have to provide detailed information about the materials used, which are necessary to manufacture the project product, and describe the way it was manufactured.

Photographs and a filled in submission form can be sent and the Organizer via e-mail to redakcja(at) with the following text in the title "Trash-Deactivation" ( please make sure that the e-mail size does not exceed 6 MB) or via regular a regular postal service.

You are allowed to submit any number of projects. please, remember in such a case to submit separate submission forms for each other submitted projects.

The Rules:
The Submission Form:

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