the 2010 handmade olympics!

(sew) FASTER.
(paint) HIGHER.
(metalsmith) STRONGER!
.ladies + gentlemen!
welcome to the 2010 handmade olympics: where the handmade
world comes together to celebrate making things!
think alpine sewing.
downhill woodworking.
pairs cooking on ice!
and all of the other amazing things folks in the handmade world
do + make + create every day!
oh what a wonderful handmade world we live in!
now's your chance to show the world your own creative creations, or send some handmaking love out to other nicies who inspire you in the handmaking + handpicked world!
by entering the various events, it's a wonderful way to show the
world your beautiful creations, have some amazing judges
check out your great shops,
AND, if that's not enough fun, there are over
$2000.00 USD worth of AMAZING handmade + vintage prizes!
woohoo, nicies!
let's the GAMES begin!

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