submitting your work

I received an email recently from a curated site with a request to submit my work.


I have tried submitting my work to a few sites in the past with some success.
Have you? How do you go about it?
I think it's similar to submitting your work to get coverage on a blog, don't you?
Some tips from design*sponge:
Find a blog that really fits you.


Briefly talk about yourself.

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Make sure you have some really great photographs of your work.

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And some tips from Modish:
Approach the blogger casually, like you're meeting a new friend.

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Address the blogger by name!

Say Something Book'marker

Make it easy for the blogger to write about you -
don't forget a link to your shop!

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If you haven't heard back, send a follow up. If you still don't hear back, move on.

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Where have you submitted your work?


Anonymous said...
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jessica said...

Thanks for the great tips! I have not tried to submit work yet, but I plan to in the near future.