Here comes Santa Claus!

Are you ready?

Double Business Card Recycled LP Display
Gather up your cards,

Gift Tags from Upcycled Chip Board and Recycled Card Stocks
your tags,

Upcycled Surprise Box

your boxes

Set of 3 Tropical Fabric Gift Bags - Recycled Hawaiian Shirts - Aloha Cottons - Red and Blue for All Occasions
and bags.

jolly ole st nick pop art earrings
We're going on a midnight sleigh ride!

I'm starting a series on Marketing!
So about once a week, I'll be posting ideas, tips and advice,
from books, other blogs and some of my own experiences.
I hope you all will share your tips and advice, too!

Alex Keller


rikrak said...

oooh! can't wait!

une petite said...

already ??? oh, you're right i already want to be in xmas times !!

re-maker said...

I've already snuck a few Christmas tunes onto my shuffle to get me into the mood. I love Christmas!

I can't wait to see your terrific ideas. Thanks Alex!

GreenWorks said...

Looking forward to marketing ideas! Need all the tips I can get!

Tresijas said...

I'm not even close to ready, but thanks for the kick in the rear. Maybe I'll get things done ahead of time this year!