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Etsy Trashion Materials Focus: Paper
Trashion team member Jessie of samann1121 gives new life to paper with amazing talent! We asked her a few questions about reuseing paper and here is what she had to say:

What do you make by re-using paper?

Note cards, stickers, gift tags, envelopes

What do you find the most satisfying about your creations?

I love being able to rescue things that were bound for a landfill.
There's so much life left in so many of the things people don't want anymore.
I feel like I'm making the world better a little at a time.

Where do you typically find the paper you repurpose?

garage and estate sales, thrift stores, my mailbox, other people's trash

What type of paper products do you use?

I mostly use vintage papers, like the pages of old books. Also maps, magazines,
wrapping paper, and wallpaper.

Where did you learn your current techniques?

Craftster was a major source of inspiration several years ago.
Since then, it's pretty much just been
trial and error,
and a couple of internet tutorials.

Where do you get your inspiration for your projects?

My materials inspire me.
I hardly ever go out looking for materials to make aspecific project.
I find the materials, and they tell me what to do with them.

Which of the tools you use is your favorite?
When working with paper, my favorite tool is probably my
paper cutter -
- it's 12" x 15", and cost $12 at the local Salvation Army. :-)

Tell us about a couple favorite items they've made from paper and why they
stand out in your mind.

I think my yearbook stickers are the most fun to make.
I also love picking out old books to make my book journals.

Any final thoughts you want to share?
I love that the Trashion team is growing so fast! The more Trashion love, the better!

On that note, if your feeling inspired go puruse Jessie's supply shop!
It's got plenty of rescued paper and ephemera!

Interested in discovering more about Jessie and her work check out her blog, and Flickr.
Want to have some of her creative paper creations for your very own? Go to her
Etsy shop!


zJayne said...

I remember when I first came across these yearbook stickers...I favorited them immediately! How clever is that!

I can relate to this statement, "I find the materials, and they tell me what to do with them." I get that!

Thanks for sharing,

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