FoundThings adds a creative flare to paper!

Materials Focus: Paper
Trashion team member emmy of foundthings gives new life to paper with amazing talent! We asked her a few questions about reuseing paper and here is what she had to say:

What do you make by re-using paper?
Jewelry, collage and mixed media art, art dolls, really I have no limits!

What do you find the most satisfying about your creations?

How the everyday, overlooked, stepped on and taken for granted can be transform into beauty!

Where do you typically find the paper you repurpose?

The street, junk mail, books, friends, discards from local printers

What type of paper products do you use?

I have no limits on the paper I use, from the ordinary copy paper, candy wrappers, newspaper, anything recycled to cardstock.
Since I was little I’ve always had a collection of paper stash. I wouldn't waste a scrap!

Where did you learn your current techniques?

I’ve learned them from pure experimentation.
The best come from making mistakes, taking risks and trying again and again!

Where do you get your inspiration for your projects?

I see inspiration in textures, simple and complex forms, and mainly in the found object itself. My sons inspire me a lot with their messes, as well as pure and raw discoveries.

Which of the tools you use is your favorite?

My hands. I love to get them dirty, painted and glued!

Tell us about a couple favorite items they've made from paper and why they stand out in your mind.

I have quite a few of my own that our my favorites, but what really stands out to me is working with others who are afraid of "art", being trapped in the mindset that they can't do it or do it good enough. They have a perception that art has to be just perfect. It’s such freedom to see them find the beauty in the raw. So I’d say my collaborative works with others who are intimidated by the raw materials are the ones that stand out.
Seeing someone else realize that they are able to be creative and make something beautiful out of nothing is priceless and beautiful all in itself!

In the photo (to the right) you'll see my friend Sam couldn't believe she actually did this!!

Any final thoughts you want to share?

Life is hard YA gotta get your funk on!!

Emmy your a wonderful joy to witness! Thank you for sharing some of your inspiration and creation with us! So when I was putting this post together I stummbled across the "All About Paper" zine, pictured to the right. It's a family project! Emmy's kids are fundraising to raise money for the local food bank.
"The zine is ALL ABOUT PAPER!! basically its a collage pack with all sorts of FOUND papers, some textured,some hand painted,handmade envies, lots of scraps n pieces, including found images for you to put together your very own masterpieces. also included is an artist trading card and a small sample of collage sheets, and anything else fun we can scrounge up. THERE ARE ART PAGES TO INSPIRE YOU AS WELL! ITS REALLY A GREAT ZINE! its a ONE shot so we'll sell it until we run out of paper!
EACH ONE IS UNIQUE and papers vary! SO SUPPORT THE CAUSE and help 2 inspiring young artists as well!" I, drew the editor of this interview am now the proud owner of a copy of this!!

Interested in discovering more about emmy and her work? Check out her website. Want a one of her incredible creations for your very own? Go to her Etsy shop!