What's Up Wednesday:
What I Received in the Mail Today...

Etsy Sellers... you gotta love 'em

I found two beautiful vintage victorian trade cards in
a lovely etsy shop called Vintage on the Ridge.

I received my package today and was delighted to find my cards carefully wrapped in pretty teal and brown polka dot tissue paper with a dainty matching ribbon tied up in a bow. Very nice.

What tickled me most about the package (besides the cards wrapped inside!) is the note on the matching custom sticker used to secure the tissue...

I Hope You Love It
Thanks So Much
Please leave feedback  -  It's nice to hear from you!

In such a small space this seller was able to convey to me her anticipation that I love what she's sent, her thanks, and what is probably the nicest request for feedback that I've ever received. Nicely done.

Do you have any great packaging stories to share?


Sally Van Nuys said...

Pam - I am so tickled that you liked my packaging so much. I am old-school believer in customer service and I think anyoine who is nice enough to browse my shop and purchase from me deserves to be treated well because I really, really do appreciate my customers! Again, thanks so much for the post about my shop - you made my day!

re-maker said...

I agree with you 100% !

Dani said...

So few companies give thought to customer service. I send a recycled thank you card with each purchase of my book because I appreciate each and every sale.