Marketing Monday: Create Your Own Website

Do you have your own website?

Maybe you have great web design skills and you've done it all yourself?

The Art of Assemblage by zJayne

Or maybe you had some help? A friend? Someone in the family?

Or maybe you have made your blog your website, because
Blogger now allows you to add pages to your website.
Recently, on design*sponge there was a how-to using WordPress:
Biz Ladies: Get a Website in a Weekend

Design Sponge

Still seems a like a little too much for you?
How about ? Check out the demo!

" allows anyone to create an elegant and dynamic
website using personal content from around the web for only
$20 a year." And you can try it for free.

There's also soopsee, where you can create a website from your
Etsy shop. You can import your Etsy listings, your blog, host
your site on your domain, and list other locations that sell
your work. And they have free accounts, too.

What other places do you know where you can create your
very own website?

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Ryan said...

Hey dude, its good to create our own website as it can benefit us a lot. The images are very much perfect.