harvest yarn from old sweaters

I came across several posts about recycling old sweaters recently.
Maybe it's because spring is here and
we don't want to wear sweaters anymore!
And they are all on sale at the thrift stores, right?

How to harvest yarn from a sweater part 1

How to harvest yarn from a sweater part 2

How to harvest yarn from a sweater part 3

But maybe you don't feel like doing all this yourself.
Then you should visit Reknit where someone's mom will do it for you.
But you have to be quick, because they only take the 1st 30 orders every month.
There's only one mom!


Ginny the Sock Monkey said...

Thank you for this tip. I can never afford nice yarn, but now I want to run to the nearest thrift store to search for the perfect sweater so that I can make a harvest. I also really appreciate that this is much more eco-friendly than going out there and purchasing new yarn. I recycle t-shirts, so why not sweaters!

Seriously, thank you for blowing my mind. Why haven't I tried this already.... genius!

Ginny the Sock Monkey said...

Featured a link to this blog on my blog at

I am doing a challenge -one letter of the alphabet for every day of April on my blog. I'm going backwards and was on Y yesterday, so thought that Yarn would be a great idea for the letter Y.

Thanks again for the great idea!

Cotton Yarn said...

Yes such a very good tip. thanks for sharing it...