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Part of my family’s holiday tradition is that at some point on Christmas morning, when we’re about halfway done opening presents, my dad will go get a big trash bag and we play a game trying to toss in all the torn up wrapping paper scraps strewn about. By the end of the day, between the paper, ribbon, bows, and all the packaging, it’s not uncommon to fill three big bags. The presents look lovely under the tree, but I have to wonder if it’s worth all the waste. This year, I’m making an effort to change things; I vow to avoid all commercial wrapping products.

One easy earth friendly wrapping method is to reuse bags and wrapping paper from gifts you have received previously, but assuming you didn’t plan ahead and start saving last year, or if all your friends and family are already in on the eco movement and didn’t use any here are some new ideas to try:

1. Brown paper packages
If it’s in The Sound of Music it must be true – brown paper packages tied up with string are a favorite of many people. In my example I used a paper shopping bag dragged out from the back of the closet and cut open, but any sturdy paper you can find will do.

A – The classic, if your good you don’t even need to use tape for this one (I needed a little)
B – Dress it up with a plastic bag pompom from this tutorial from Creature Comforts:
C – Attaching old fashion paper snowflakes can make your package look extra fancy.
D – Get out the paint/markers/crayons/anything and make your own wrapping paper. Try a simple repeating pattern, or make a holiday scene. Pro tip: decorate first and let everything dry before wrapping, otherwise you run the risk of your art bleeding through to the gift inside.

2. Make the wrapping part of the gift

E – The book lover in your life is not going to be fooled by the paperbacked shape lump under the tree anyway, might as well go on and use a nice ribbon bookmark to attach the tag
F – A small brooch or hair clip is a very useful substitution for a traditional bow.
G – A larger gift can be swaddled in a scarf. Here are some tips from someone whose example gift turned out much nicer than mine:

3. Running short on time?

A good last minute idea is to get a pretty reusable bag from a store the recipient shops at frequently, you know they’ll be able to put it to good use.

Thanks, Emily, for some great green gift wrapping ideas!
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Mara said...

Great ideas, Emily! The best part is that they are all so easy to do.
I'm a fan of brown paper with fabric ribbons - simple, easy and elegant!