We are doing the Monster Mash!!

The Trashion Team is having it's first annual Monster Mash! We partnered up, palchemy style, to swap unwanted, found, and ready to upcycle materials. Right now, team members are making two plush monsters each. We are listing these critters in two different places. One will be listed in our own shop, the other they are donating to the H.O.S.T. (Helping Others Street Team) Shop. We chose to donate a Monster from each participating member to the Helping Others Street Team (HOST) in order to raise money for fellow Etsyians in need. That is perfectly aligned with the Trashion Team's philosophy of environmentalism, innovation, and embracing creative healing. So be on the look out for Trashion Monsters coming soon!
Search for "Monster Mash" and "Trashion Team" or check out the H.O.S.T. shop! Here's a list of participating shops:

Kiki at
Keri at
Wendy at
Katie at
Maija at
Elena at
Drew at
Linda at
Olivia at
Lori at
Jen at
Kae at
Jane at
Millie at
Carly at
Ashly at
Peg at
Pam at
Ricki at
Cathie at
Kim at
Evy at
Kelly at
Jamie at