Trashion Team Spotlight- Evy of Thirdhand Designs!

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I use second-hand clothing and other fabrics to create my designs. Thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets & swap meets are all my favorite haunts.

What do you transform them into?
Fun, unique & stylish clothing & bags!

How do you do it? With lots of coffee! No, but yes, I guess that does help! My process starts with the hunt for unloved items with lots of potential. For example, a skirt with a tiny hole, but is in amazing shape otherwise. I lift it up, run my hands through it, hold it in front of me to study it a bit, flip it inside-out, then usually I've got an idea of what I will do with it. Most of my designs require complete deconstruction of the seams, and then, I sew sew sew. With the trusted help of Lucy (my dress form) & a few friends, I adjust to make sure my measurements & dimensions are logical, then voila... the garment has entered its third life!

Do you remember the first thing you made using the
trashion concept?
I do!

What was it? I used to take old t-shirts of my dad's & turn them into pillows. Unrelated to my sewing, I also used to take old bottles & melt candle wax down the sides to make flower vases for my mom.

What are your current projects and what is on the horizon?
Currently I am working on a couple of aprons for my cousin. She works in a cafe & they allow her to choose whatever style apron she would like to wear, so she gave me free rein! In the near future, I am looking to make more dresses. I love the iconic ideal of the dress! So feminine yet so versatile.

Why should people buy handmade and from trashion?
Because we LOVE the earth! It is apparent that we all need to pay a little more attention to the environment and how our actions affect it, and Trashion is a wonderful way to do that. Waste is bad, but we as a society still consume at amazing rates, producing massive amounts of waste; shopping Trashion is one way to satisfy that desire to consume as well as help the environment. We are a group of like-minded creators that produce unique, handmade, eco-friendly items with lots of love... what more could you ask for from a seller!

Anything else you'd like to add? Yes! To all my potential customers, please don't be discouraged to buy clothing on the internet. I am more than willing to help anyone with sizing questions, just send me a message/convo. And no... you don't even need to own a measuring tape, just know your current size! Keep buying handmade!!!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful reconstructed clothing/bags with us Evy!


GreenWorks said...

Great interviews and lots of inspiration from all the sellers/members. Good going!

Walk in the Woods said...

IO really dig that suit-n-tie bag! That's really great. Nice interview!

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