Trashion Team Spotlight- Bakas Artysta!

Shop name: Bakas Artysta

Shop address:

Trashion materials: paper, magazines, scrap ribbon and felt & anything that I can cut up and glue!

I transform them into: Envelopes, cards, coasters, magnets, frames, origami and jewelry---the possibilities are truly endless!

How do you do it? Lots and lots of glue!

What inspired you to do this and why are you involved in trashion? I noticed the pile up of magazines that was in my apartment and thought to my self, there's got to be a way to use these in my art work.

Do you remember the first thing you made using the trashion concept? yes
What was it? My magazine coasters.

What are your current projects and what is on the horizon?
I'm really trying to expand my jewelry line that is sold at and also expand the different types of recycled materials I use in my projects.

Why should people buy handmade, and buy from trashion?
Not only do you get to own a really cool & unique piece of art, but it makes so much sense to participate in something that is so good for the environment and people!

Thanks for sharing your work with us!


laura said...

Gorgeous and yes, the possibilities are endless...It's one of my all-time favorite sayings!

katrina said...

just a heads up...the link to buddha's shop is spelled "esty" so it's not leading us to her shop unless we catch it and retype.

Anonymous said...