Trashion Outfitters #2 - Back To School

Many thanks to Catherine, better known as SweetyPrize, for this week's Trashion Outfit featuring items from Etsy Trashion Team members shops!!

Back to School! Time to learn some lessons about trashion! No matter what grade you're in, you'll need to outfit yourself in all the things that make learning fun. But it doesn't have to be virgin pulp notebooks and sticky notes. Instead, you can take from this list and learn how back to school can be back to trashion - using items that escape the use of new resource and instead focus on recycled materials in their items. Check out the trashion items you can fill your bookbag with!

First start with an eco-chic book bag by HelloKnitty! Perfect size for your turn of the century novels.
You've got to kick off the school year with a fresh notebook. Here's one from NatureMadeScents!

As you drag your laptop to class make it well protected with this laptop cover by dkoss2.

Students should always have their library cards ready - and with this necklace by Miggipyn they will!

And these pins will be a big help during French class, thanks to spaceoddities!

Keep the important stuff at the ready in a clutch, otherwise your cell will drown in your bookbag! Try this one from pouch!

And you'll need something special to write a secret note on! Slip this under the desk when the Teach ain't looking. It's by HeyLady!

What a great selection for back to school. Don't forget to check out team member's shops for all your shopping needs!


EyePopArt said...

This is great! Good job, Catherine, very cool ideas for back to school (funny, too!).

Cutesy but not cutesy said...

Thanks for including my cozy in with these other great back to school items!