Trashion Promos + A Recycled Fashion Show

A big thanks goes out to Liz of eco-blog Great Green Goods for giving our team a write up! She had some wonderful things to say about us. Read more here.

I've been so busy during the last month that I've barely had time to sit down at my sewing machine, so I've spent the past two days trying to remedy that. First, I started working on some Etsy Trashion promo items to put into our gift bags, which will be given out to the first 25 people through the door at our trunk show at Etsy Labs on July 27th.

Denim is my favorite fabric to work with, so it was a given that I'd want to incorporate some denim scraps in my project. And since orange is the Etsy logo color, I thought I'd dig through my fabric stash for something orange. I found this bright orange terrycloth cover-up dress - I think it came from some fabric donations I received after Hurricane Katrina. I'm making little hearts with the orange terrycloth and the denim, and stitching "ETSYtrashion" on each heart. I'm planning to turn them into keychains!

Next, I got started working on my designs for the Worn Again Fashion Show. Basically each designer gets a bag full of random old clothes and other materials and then we have two weeks to create 1-2 new and fabulous outfits from it! It’s like a total Project Runway challenge! I was originally planning to do just one piece, but the bag of stuff I got has way too much in it for just one outfit. See below:

The event will be held at The Green Project on June 30th and proceeds will benefit Recycle for the Arts. They're going to auction off all of the outfits to raise money for R4A too.

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